Split, Croatia

July 15th - July 28th, 2019


...doing experiments in the lab, using the tools you created yourself, and analyzing the acquired data using your programming knowledge...

Experience all this and much more in "Rhizome Foundations", a training that introduces you to interdisciplinary science and helps you develop research skills to allow you to do your future science projects!


"Rhizome Foundations" course is a unique opportunity to develop research skills and interdisciplinary thinking. Learning research skills in a mentored setting will help you understand how science is done.

Since solving complex and global problems requires interdisciplinary experts, focusing on interdisciplinary thinking is an important goal of the Rhizome Foundations curriculum. In this intensive 2-week course we focus our attention on giving you the basics in programming, laboratory techniques, creation of new research tools and science communication. We focus our efforts in showing you how different disciplines connect and help us understand diverse scientific concepts.


"Rhizome Foundations" course offers you a chance to learn about science in a different way, by becoming an active participant of the research community, and being responsible for your learning path.

The unique features of this learning adventure include:

  • Project-based learning of scientific methodology, creative and critical thinking and teamwork
  • International and intercultural experience, practice of scientific English
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning sciences
  • Active teaching methods and field work
  • Self- and peer-evaluation of transversal skills
  • Enthusiastic team of teachers and mentors, composed of former participants of the program and teachers who developed and tested the program


Focus on learning, not on grades!

Our goal is to help you develop skills and understand how science works. There are therefore no formal exams, but a series of continuous assessments that have a formative purpose to help you develop skills and knowledge. The assessment we use in the course is diverse - it includes active participation in class, projects, and online activities, as well as written and oral assignments with an emphasis on exercising specific tasks and receiving constructive feedback from peers and teachers.

A training to help to jumpstart your career!

We have many years of experience in project-based teaching in interdisciplinary environments. The learning-through-research approach we use has been shown to be successful in providing students with the added value when applying to university programs, internships and jobs. Developing programming, prototyping and experimental skills will allow you to adapt more easily to different learning and working environments you may encounter in your career.

What others have said about Rhizome Foundations

  • “For myself, I would honestly say this was a life-changing experience... which I would recommend to anyone either pursuing programming, biology or science communication as a career; or to any hobbyist, like me, who just enjoys learning about new stuff.”
  • "I was amazed of being able to keep up with the many new concepts, accomplishing tasks that I didn't think I would be at all confident doing on my own, especially after such a short training time."
  • "I'm impressed with the confidence and responsibility the crew showed while offering and guiding us through these really cool methods and applications that felt very advanced when compared to what I have personally seen so far."

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